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Unit 14: Web Design


  1. 15th December 2016 Assessment 14.1: Website Design Final

Lesson 5: Progressive Enhancement Using CSS 3

As part of HTML5 forms have been greatly enhanced by the addition of a much wider variety of input types, and by the inclusion of data validation which obviates the need for extensive use of JavaScript or C# code. HTML5 is therefore an alternative to writing extensive C# or VB code in order to validate the data entered into forms. As all the DMU modules are based on database examples, this is a crucial area where a more modern approach can be introduced.

CSS 3 is also a major advance on CSS 2.1 with additions if used that greatly reduce the need for photoshopped images and flash objects. However both HTML5 and CSS3 are standards that are as yet unfinished and therefore not fully supported by any browser.

Progressive enhancement is a way of making use of all the latest additions to HTML5 and CSS 3 but in a way that ensures that none of the functionality of the site is dependant on them. Thus the site will work in earlier browsers although its appearance will be plain and simple compared to the more modern 3D like appearance that can be acheived using CSS 3

  1. Presentation: Styling Forms Using CSS (Notes)
  2. Presentation: Progressive Enhancement Using CSS 3 (Notes)

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