Higher Nationals in Computing

Unit 14: Web Design

Lesson 1: Online Project Management

Projects work best when they are planned, and their progress monitored constantly. One of the oldest tools to aid planning is the Gantt Chart which simply lists all the tasks needed yo complete the project with their expected start and end dates. Microsoft Project is one of the most widely used tools used to create Gantt Charts.

However there is a lot more to managing a project than creating a Gantt Chart. Online Project Management systems typically offer Task Lists, Milestone Lists,Calendars, Wikis for documentation, shared files blog sites, forums, and issue tracking.

  1. Choose a suitable Project
  2. Decide on who will be part of your development team
  3. Register the project leader , and create the project
  4. Add a summary of the proposed project
  5. Add the team members and tutors as project users
  6. Add and agree on the Milestones
  7. Schedule a team meeting to define the project features

Git Version Control Systems

  1. Register for an Account at Bitbucket.org
  2. Use your College email address for unlimited account
  3. Create an empty repository for your project
  4. Share repository with team and tutor
  5. Install Git Extensions for Windows at Home install Git Tools into Visual Studio 2015.
  6. Use Git VCS at Home

Project and Class Blogs Sites

  1. Show WordPress Admin Pages
  2. Register Users
  3. Add a Post to the Site

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