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Unit 14: Web Design


  1. 15th December 2016 Assessment 14.1: Website Design Final

Lesson 4: Multi-Column Responsive Pages Using CSS

Most web pages involve using multi0ple columns of information. In the past tables were used to achieve this. Tables are however inflexible and with the advent of mobile devices such as phones and tables there is a greater need to design web pages that are fluid and can adapt to different screen sizes.

There has been a lot published online and in the press on the need to for responsive web design. This means developing pages that can respond to different devices so that a simpler one column page is provided for mobile phones, and multicolumn pages are provided for tablets and work stations.

In order to achieve this, and for it to work in most browsers complex CSS is required. In my view adopting tried and tested CSS Frameworks is a more efficient route to developing reponsive pages.

  1. Presentation: Multi-Column Responsive Pages
  2. Example HTML: Starting HTML for Peacock's Wines
  3. Example CSS: Starting CSS for Peacock's Wines

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