Playing in Team Leagues

Club players can join a variety of teams to play in the Watford & District and Herts Leagues.

Watford & Herts

Watford League: Eleven teams (4 ladies', 3 men's and 4 mixed) have been entered in this year's summer Watford Leagues. These are very popular evening doubles matches in which three pairs play a set each against each of the opposing pairs, followed by a light supper.

Match fixtures and results can be found at WDTL 2014 Matches. League Tables can all be found WDTL 2014 Standings. For general information and the League Rules visit Final league tables for last year are at WDTL 2013 Standings.

Hertfordshire League: Three men's teams and a ladies' team have been entered again this year. These doubles matches involve three pairs playing three rubbers against each of the opposing pairs. A rubber consists of two sets plus, if necessary, a 10-point championship tie-breaker (in place of a third set).

2014 Matches and results can be found at
Herts 2014 Matches »

2014 League tables can be found at
Herts 2014 Standings »

2013 Final league tables for last year are at
Herts 2013 Standings »

Other Leagues

Hot Rackets League: Four ladies' teams and a men's team have been entered. These are two-pair doubles matches, so only two rubbers are played by each pair.

Fixtures, results and league tables are at Hot Rackets Results. The men are in Div.2B, and the ladies in Divs.5A, 3A, 1A and the Premier division.

AEGON Team Tennis: Two teams have been entered in the Herts Men's Open tournament. The first and second teams are in divisions 3B and 4, respectively. A match consists of four singles rubbers (one per player), followed by two doubles rubbers (one per pair of players). Rubbers consist of 2 sets, plus (if necessary) a championship tie-break.

Orchard Ladies League: Two teams have been entered. This is a friendly league open to 2-pair teams of ladies.

Herts Winter Seniors Leagues: The Club enters teams in the men's over 45s and 55s, and the women's over 40s, 50s and 60s categories of the Herts Winter Seniors Leagues. These doubles matches involve two pairs per team.

The final 2013-14 League Tables can be found here
Men 2013-14 » Women 2013-14 »